About Us

Islington Faiths Forum is a dynamic community partnership comprising faith-based organisations and projects dedicated to uplifting the local community.

Our mission is to foster interfaith understanding and promote community dialogue, cohesion and initiatives across the Borough of Islington. As a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO), our core objectives include educating the public about diverse religious beliefs, emphasising their unique attributes, and identifying common ground to nurture harmonious relations. We strive to cultivate mutual respect and understanding.

Guided by our values of Respect, Peace, and Courage, Islington Faiths Forum pursues strategic objectives that encompass:

  • Developing an extensive and inclusive network of faith groups in the Borough.
  • Supporting community development, cohesion and safety.
  • Providing representation and knowledge of faith communities to statutory and other agencies and to campaign and develop work on issues of  importance for those communities.
  • Empower and support individual faith groups and smaller networks of faith groups to work together and have a voice.